Greenville Area Dog Club

Greenville Area Dog Club

Winter Classes for Puppy and Beginner will start in January 2021.


Greenville Area Dog Club is a nonprofit organization offering classes to help you learn to train your dog. Your instructors are all members of the club who volunteer their time and talent because they love dogs and enjoy working with people. The instructors devote much time and planning in order to provide an efficient program for your enjoyment and benefit. All dogs are welcome to take classes. We offer Obedience, Puppy, Agility, Rally, and Confirmation classes.

The purpose of the club is to stimulate public interest in the training and control of dogs by offering obedience training at the community level and to foster friendship and the ideals of sportsmanship among all dog people. Our goal is to build public awareness and provide educational information about responsible dog ownership, while providing fun and exciting activities to all. We promote events of interest to owners of all breeds including mix breeds. We also encourage spay/neuter in an effort to cut down on the unwanted pet population.

Information about Classes

Obedience Class

Obedience classes teach your dog to be obedient. The obedience class teaches you and your dog to sit, stay, come when called, heel, figure eight, and lots more. Classes are held on Tuesday. The fee for the classes are $80 for an eight week class. If your are a kid contact us about going in the 4H obedience class. You do not have to be taking 4H to go to this class.

Puppy Class

This is an 8-week basic obedience class designed especially for puppies between 10 and 20 weeks of age. Our puppy class will teach you how to best communicate with your dog along with valuable information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called, sit, stand, controlled walking on a leash, drop it, leave it and wait. Our organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your dog to experience new things and to socialize with other dogs. The cost is $80 and the class is offered on Tuesday nights.

Agility Class

We teach agility classes on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Agility teaches your dog to crawl through tunnels, walk a plank, weave through poles, traverse a seesaw, and scale an A-frame. Your dog must be able to work off leash. The fee for the class is $80 for an eight week class.

Rally Class

Rally is the successful stepping stone to the world of obedience and agility. Rally offers both the dog and the handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. Rally requires teamwork between dog and handler along with performance skills similar to obedience. We teach rally on Tuesday. The fee is $80 for an eight week class.

How to become a member

Greenville Area Dog Club welcomes new members to join our club as we work together to support responsible dog ownership. From Novice owners and pet lovers to experienced and accomplished show participants you will find a community feeling, a supportive group, positive atmosphere, and a place where you can help others.


To become a member, you must complete one paid class and attend one club meeting. You must fill out and submit the membership application form to the Secertary and pay $50, youth membership $25. Your membership application will be discussed and voted on for approval by the board and general members upon receipt of your application.